Innoprom. Metalworking 
Innoprom. Metalworking
July, 9-12, 2018
#2 Expo Boulevard, Russia, Ekaterinburg


INNOPROM international exhibition is the most promising and important international platform for the cooperation of manufacturers and consumers of industrial equipment. Presentations of technical solutions and innovations from manufacturers, distributors and scientific and technological centres from Russia and other countries will take place within 4 days from July 10 to July 13 in the IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO. The main partner of INNOPROM 2017 exhibition is Japan, which is considered to be the world leader in the sphere of high technologies.

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One of the most anticipated events of the exhibition is INNOPROM. METALWORKING exposition. This part of the exhibition and the business program draw the attention of owners, top managers, and engineers of the largest industrial enterprises of Russia (including practically all industrial plants of Sverdlovsk Oblast). Machines, software, and equipment for metalworking are in great demand in the sphere of mechanical engineering, aircraft production, power engineering and military–industrial complex: more and more enterprises are interested in the upgrade and improving of indicators of production efficiency.

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In 2016 the exhibition was visited by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, several foreign ministers of trade and ambassadors, and also heads of Russian regions and state bodies. A total number of visitors last year reached 48 000 people from 95 countries.


INNOPROM. METALWORKING exposition is divided into 10 thematical sections. All types of equipment, tools and consumables which were not included in 9 main sections of the exposition will be presented in the "Other equipment" section.

ON Stands OF the exposition THE FOLLOWING GROUPS OF products WILL BE presented:

• Industrial metal furniture;
• Equipment for milling, drills and metal milling cutters;
• Tool bits for lathe machines;
• Cutting fluid for metalworking;
• Small tools and universal hand held equipment.

You will be able to test production of different manufacturers, to compare technical parameters and to learn about specifications of use and conditions of wholesale purchases.

Industrial metal furniture

Any enterprise needs a reliable, strong and long-lasting furniture. Metal furniture, which is also environmentally friendly, aesthetic and durable, meets these criteria. Such furniture finds its application in administrative offices, storage rooms and production buildings.
Many types of metal furniture are directly used in production due to specific characteristics, like fire resistance, resistance to mechanical damages. Besides, it does not imbibe harmful and dangerous chemical compounds, therefore, it is safe for the health of workers.


• Racks for production buildings and storage rooms;
• Systems for storing of tools, closets and safes;
• Fitter’s bench;
• Industrial desks, working surfaces for machines and conveyors;
• Cutting benches and other.
To learn about the whole range of metal production furniture, visit the relevant section of the exhibition in the pavilion 1 of the exhibition centre.


Milling is a method of manual or machine metalworking with the use of mills, which represent rotary wheels with cutting edges. High-speed rotation of the mill fixed on the milling machine allows to cut off or remove layers from a surface of metal blanks in a selected place by a specialist.
In production, both hand held milling tools and CNC machines are used. Combined lathe milling machines and laser milling machines are becoming more and more common. Also, mechanisms and technologies of milling are classified by types of mills applied.

TYPES OF MILLing cutters for METALworking:

• End, face and corner milling cutter;
• Circular milling cutter with spiral or plain tooth;
• Cutoff milling machines;
• Disk milling cutter: grooving cutter and double and triple sided;
• Shaping and peripheral milling cutter;
• The keyway milling cutter and other.
A vast choice of milling cutters from Russian and foreign manufacturers will be presented at the metalworking exposition in the pavilion 1 of the IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO.

Tool bits FOR lathe machines

Metal lathe work implies a number of different operations — cutting, sharpening, thread cutting, drilling holes and other. For this purpose, a big range of special nozzles — cutters, which put a necessary impact on rotary blanks, are used.

Construction of each tool bit, irrespective of its use, implies 2 elements:

• A body (tool holder) for fixing of the tool on the machine;
• A head (work item) with the cutting edges for direct metalworking.
On a head of a cutter, there are usually 3 surfaces (one front and two back sides), several cutting edges (at least, main and auxiliary), and also a cutting point. A form and an angle of sharpening of cutting edges of a cutter working head depend on a type of lathe work and characteristics of a blank’s material. Tool bits are usually made of solid steel that exceeds hardness and durability of a metal product.

DEPENDING ON A TYPE OF THE EXECUTED OPERATIONS, THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF tool bits for metal lathe tools are distinguished:

• Straight-turning tools — for turning of the outer surfaces of a cylindrical/conical shape;
• Grooving tools — for circular slots;
• Threading tools — for an internal and outer thread;
• Boring tools (side/straight-turning) — for open-end or dead-end holes;
• Filleting tools — for turning of filet surfaces of blanks towards the radius;
• Cutting-off cutters — for cutting of metal blanks;
• Form tools — for cutting and turning of a shaped surface of a product.
Also, turning tools are classified by the direction of movement (right-cut and left-cut tools), by a class and accuracy (from preliminary operations to precise technological operations), by a form (straight and offset tool) and its size.
You will be able to learn about all the types and usage of turning tools in the Metalworking exposition at INNOPROM. Manufacturers and experts of lathe work will recommend optimum types and parameters of tools for your purposes.

Cutting fluid for metalworking

The need to use cutting fluid in any process of serial metalworking is caused by high power and intensity of loads on blanks and working surfaces of equipment. Under the influence of friction, metals overheat or deform, so that impacts on the quality of processing and can become a reason of a damage of equipment. The use of cutting fluid helps to reduce the temperature and the friction in a processing zone, lowering a level of excessive wear of equipment.

Functions OF cutting fluid:

• Increase in intensity of technological processes;
• Normalization of working temperatures to technologically acceptable level;
• Lowering of frictional wear and risk of tools’ damages;
• Performance improvement of equipment and production in general;
• Minimization of risks of serial defective products, quality improvement of processing and finished products;
• Protective properties improvement of products’ metal surface;
• Giving products additional qualities at the expense of anticorrosion or biocidal additives;
• Cost reduction for depreciation and utilization of low-quality products.

CLASSIFICATION of cutting fluids by compounds:

• Industrial mineral oils, oil fractions with different additives;
• Water emulsions (emulsol), which should be dissolved in water;
• Liquid mixtures with a low boiling and evaporation temperature;
• Organic and semi-synthetic compounds, microemulsion.

On stands of industrial INNOPROM. METALWORKING exhibition you will find a wide range of cutting fluids for different types of equipment and production metalworking processes.

It is not the complete list of products and categories of this section. In addition, consumables and accessory materials, additives of different function, small tools and replaceable nozzles for machines are in this section. Universal type tools, which are practically used in large enterprises and in small-sized workshops, include small-sized angle grinders, rivet guns, hacksaws for metal, rotary saws and reciprocating saws and many other.

To find out about manufacturers and their products, visit INNOPROM. METALWORKING exhibition from July 10 to July 13.

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