Innoprom. Metalworking 
Innoprom. Metalworking
July, 9-12, 2018
#2 Expo Boulevard, Russia, Ekaterinburg

Metal cutting equipment and tools

A separate area of industrial metalworking is forging and punching by using forge-pressing equipment. This work area is presented at the extensive section of the exposition by INNOPROM.METALWORKING at the INNOPROM Fair, which takes place in Yekaterinburg in July 2017.

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The Fair will be the place for holding presentations of new technologies, formal and informal expert meetings and discussions on trends and problems of economic development. Equipment for different kinds of metalworking, including forging, molding, hot and cold punching of sheet metal, will be presented at the exposition.

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Guests and visitors of the exposition: owners, top-managers and engineers of the biggest enterprises and state-owned combines, heads of regions and public authorities and ambassadors and heads of foreign trade delegations. Also leading forging press and metal machine producers and suppliers from Russian Federation and other states will gather at the Fair.

In section “Presses and forging presses” will be presented equipment for the following technological tasks of forge-punching production:

  • Sheet metal punching (hot and cold)
  • Volume punching (hot and cold)
  • Metal forging
  • Metal spinning
  • Extrusion and stitching
  • Cutting and metal minting

Forge-pressing equipment: types and purpose

There are five groups of the forge-pressing equipment depending on mechanism and exposure methods on the treated material. All this groups You will find in the producers’ booths at the relevant section of the INNOPROM.METALWORKING exposition.

1. Forging hammers

This is a type of mechanical equipment, that provides physical deformation and material change through own impact energy. For that, kinetic energy, occurring when a hammer is dropped vertically on a treated metal, is used. In order to increase the impact pneumatic, vapour-air or hydraulic amplification systems are used.

Kinds of forging hammers

  • Pneumatic forging hammers
  • Electrohydraulic forging hammers
  • Drive forging hammers
  • Hydraulic punching forging hammers with numerical control

2. Forging presses for metals

Into this group fall forging and punching metal presses. Forging is a method of impact processing of metal details in combination with high temperature exposure. Punching is a more common in mass and serial production way of processing of metal, which is to deform a metal work piece through extrusion on the surface needed form or relief pattern with required parameters and size. Forging and punching presses for metals differ in terms of exposure speed – by punching the speed in higher.

Distinction in terms of exposure is made between the following categories:

  • Mechanical press
  • Hydraulic press

Distinction in terms of performing tasks:

  • Notcher press for metals
  • Sheet metal punching press
  • Metal waste press
  • Bending, stretch-forming and straightening machines
  • Universal metal press

Distinction in terms of automatization:

  • Metal presses with mechanical system and manual upload
  • Semi-automatic forging and pressing machines and machine sets
  • Flexible forge-pressing automatons with numerical control or computer management system

3. Apparatuses and crank presses

These are based on machine tool system with crank and rod mechanism. Also, into this group fall eccentric type systems. Some of the advantages of these presses are high productivity, relatively low sound level and high quality of final goods.

Like other kinds of forge-pressing equipment, the purpose of crank presses includes forging, stretch-forming, minting, volume and sheet punching, and differences arise because of the structural peculiarities. This kind of presses functions through rotating controller’s movement’s energy conversion into slider’s translational motion.

Force made by press causes rotational torque, which is transferred to the work tool – cliché, which puts the pressure on the treated surface of metal.

Technological characteristics, by which equipment within the group is classifies, include the following indicators: specialization, table’s dimensions, size and form of space for work piece, press’s force, press’s motion and number of motions pro minute.

Types of crank presses:

  • Horizontal forging presses
  • Hot punching presses
  • Cold heading automaton
  • Minting presses
  • Basic, double and triple action presses

Impulse punching press

Technology of impulse (magnetic-impulse) punching is based on the direct transformation of electric impulse into mechanical energy. This energy sets in motion the punching mechanism, which puts the pressure on metal work piece and gives it required shape or relief pattern. The process of punching is characterized by a very high speed – each punching machine’s motion takes only fractions of a second.

Kinds of impulse punching presses:

  • Pneumatic (air) presses
  • Vacuum presses
  • Hydraulic presses

Rotary presses

At big enterprises the process of metal forging in made on rotary or roller type pipeline equipment. This forge-pressing equipment class is characterized by a high productivity and waste-free processing of work pieces.

The following types are distinguished:

  • Rotary-forging machine
  • Rotary-crimping machine

Processing of metal work pieces is performed by crimping by rotating work tools – rollers, rotary-forging and bend-rolling nozzles or roller presses. By rotary presses works pieces for shaped tubes and other serial products in commercial production are usually made.

At the specialized exposition in IEC Yekaterinburg-Expo on 10-13 July a broad range of forge-pressing equipment of the different types, accessories and related products by Russian and foreign producers will be presented. Visitors will be able to professional advice, compare technical characteristics, see the machines in action and choose optimal technical solutions for personal production goals.

Visits of the section “Presses and forging presses” at the INNOPROM.METALWORKING exposition are made by a full single electronic ticket for 3 or 4 event days. Register on the web site and get a free electronic visitor ticket.

If You want to present your own equipment, send an application to participate in the fair to the hosts.