Innoprom. Metalworking 
Innoprom. Metalworking
July, 9-12, 2018
#2 Expo Boulevard, Russia, Ekaterinburg

How to get there

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Contact information

#2 Expo Boulevard, Russia, Ekaterinburg

Hot line phone +7 495 660 75 89







By bus

During the days of INNOPROM special bus trips will be organized for the visitors of the exhibition. Information on the timetable and routes will be added.

КАрта проезда на выставку МЕталлообработка, Екатеринбург

By car

The entrance to the complex is from Koltsovskogo tract. Direction of traffic from the city:

1. Go on Koltsovsky trakt.
2. To move on Koltsovo tract until the junction with the ring road (EKAD).
3. At the junction with ekad to turn around and continue driving on Koltsovo tract towards the city centre.

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