Finishing and coating

Large-scale industrial trade fair INNOPROM opens its doors from July 7 until July 10 to everyone who is interested in new technologies, equipment and industrial sector’s development tendencies. More than 600 exhibitors from the Russian Federation, Japan and other countries-participants will represent their inventions within exposition of 50 000 square meters at the International Exhibition Center “Ekaterinburg-Expo”. High status of the site is evidenced by visits of officials: last year the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, heads of federated entities and foreign delegations, including 10 ambassadors, 5 ministers of industry and 5 deputy ministers have visited the exhibition.

Look equipment, presented at the exposition

Thematic exposition of metalworking equipment, which took place in 2019 within INNOPROM, has generated remarkable interest in professional environment. This is the reason why this year it became a priority exhibition. Visitors can see a wide variety of metalworking equipment and machine tools, assess technical characteristics and choose models appropriate for modernization of their production lines.

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INNOPROM. METALWORKING, one of key sectors of exposition, focuses on equipment and technologies for finishing processing of metalworking production and for coating in order to impart a property to products.

“FINISHING AND COATING” section represents:

  • Complexes of electrical, mechanical and chemical equipment for metal anodizing;
  • Equipment and materials for metal galvanizing and cadmium coating;
  • Equipment for thermal and vacuum spraying coating;
  • Furnaces and equipment for drying, heat treating and metal polymerization;
  • Metal tinning equipment;
  • Equipment for polishing, sandblast cleaning, processing in a rotating barrel (barreling);
  • Equipment for metal ware phosphatizing; 
  • Equipment for metal color and engraving;
  • Devices and equipment for metal coloring, enameling and varnishing;
  • Equipment and materials for polishing and decorative coating.

metal anodizing equipment

Metal anodizing is produced by anodic oxidation for the expansion of oxide layer. In contrast to other protection ways, protective layer isn’t applied to surface when anodizing, but is formed as a result of interaction of metal surface with acid environment.
Typically, anodizing is used for aluminum, steel, precious and non-ferrous metals with a purpose to make surface of products homogeneous, impart protection and anticorrosion properties, repair minor damages and improve decorative characteristics.


  • Classical (hot and cold) anodizing;
  • Hard anodizing;
  • Color anodizing.

complex automatic lines for anodizing include:

  • Basic equipment, in particular, anodizing tanks;
  • Servicing facilities – equipment for current supply to tanks, electrodes, power sources;
  • Support equipment – mechanisms and machines for preparation of metal ware, transportation on conveyer lines, storage and other.

metal galvanizing equipment

Metal galvanizing is a technology of metal coating with a thin layer of zinc. This process is used to impart protection properties on metal wares and to lower their proneness to corrosion.  

galvanizing technology:

  • Galvanization (applying a protective zinc coating to surface under current supply);
  • Hot metal galvanizing with the use of compositions on the base of zinc powder;
  • Cold metal galvanizing technology;
  • Diffusion (thermodiffusion) zinc coating or sherardization;
  • Zinc spraying (melted zinc spatter coating);
  • Zinc-lamellar coating (zinc flakes processing);
  • Supersonic flow gas dynamic galvanization.


  • Thermodiffusion zinc coating furnaces;
  • Zinc coating equipment with galvanized drums;
  • Hot galvanizing baths and lines;
  • Acid-etching, de-oiling, fluxing, cooling baths;
  • Parts cleaning, drying facilities;
  • Continuous-action automate galvanizing complexes;
  • Galvanization, passivation, chromate treatment, coloring universal lines;
  • Smoke and gas neutralization equipment;
  • Support equipment: dumping facilities, vibration facilities, zinc waste treatment equipment, shipping facilities;
  • Components: replaceable retorts, pumps, filters, wires and electrodes, tubes and tanks.

metal cadmium coating equipment

Metal cadmium, the cadmium processing, is an alternative to galvanizing in the matter of properties and characteristics. Cadmium coating is used relatively seldom because of the enhanced toxicity: in Russia, special permission is required for industrial usage of this electrochemical process; at the same time cadmium coating is totally forbidden in many other countries.
Cadmium coating equipment complex usually includes baths and special facilities – electro-measuring instruments, current supply and electrolyte mechanisms.

cadmium coating baths types:

  • Bell bath with submersible or tank perforated bell;
  • Barreling bath (used for products with complicated surface relief texture);
  • Bright coating baths (specific features of surface require permanent airless intermix, vibration and electrolyte filtration).

metal phosphatizing equipment

Industrial production phosphatizing is a widely spread procedure of coating of metal products and parts with the use of phosphates layer. This is a variety of metal ware products finishing, which serve for the improvement of durability properties, abrasive resistance and solidity. Besides, phosphate film protects a product from corrosion and improves its electrically insulating properties. Phosphatizing is usually produced for cast-iron, zinc, aluminum, copper and cadmium parts as well as for low-alloyed and carbon steel production.
Phosphatizing procedure and technological process are produced with the help of diffusion in through feed spray chambers or impersion (immersion in phosphate bath). The choice of technology depends on metal, shape of a product, preliminary surface preparation and necessity in continuous processing – varnishing or coloring.

phosphorization technology varieties:

  • Cold phosphorization;
  • Amorphous phosphorization;
  • Chemical phorsphorization;
  • Zinc, zinc-calcium, low zinc phosphorization;
  • Oxid phosphorization (no alkaline oxidation).

Phosphorization equipment varieties diverge in terms of automation level, technologies as well as dimension and sizes of processed parts.

phosphorization facilities and lines are a complex of several machines and parts:

  • Preliminary cleaning and products drying chambers;
  • Pulverization cleaning facilities for phosphatizing de-oiling;
  • Phosphate bath immersion facilities;
  • Impersion baths or spray diffusion chambers;
  • Colored product drying chambers;
  • Passivation chambers;
  • Flight conveyers which move products from one level of technological process to another;
  • Support facilities and components: electric heaters, bath spill pipes and stop-cocks, phosphatic solution filters, temperature sensors, pillar tilting mechanism and others.

In order to choose optimal processing technology and get acknowledged with the variety of equipment, visit stands of produces within “Finishing and coating” sector in the 2nd pavilion at INNOPROM exhibition.
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