Pressing and forging machines

The separate trend of industrial processing of metals is forging or punching with the use of press-forging machines. This trend is shown in a wide-ranging section of INNOPROM. METALWORKING exposition of the INNOPROM-2020 exhibition, which will be held in July in Ekaterinburg.

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The exhibition will become a place for a presentation of new technologies, official and informal meetings of experts, discussion of trends and problems of development of industrial sector. At the exhibition there will be showcased machines for different types of operations on metal, including smith forging, forming, hot and cold punching of sheet metal.

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List of guests and participants of the exhibition: owners, top managers, engineers of the largest enterprises and state plants, heads of regions and state bodies, ambassadors and heads of foreign trade delegations. Besides, at the exhibition the leading manufacturers and suppliers of forging presses and machines for metal from the Russian Federation and other countries will gather.
In the "Pressing and forging machines" section the equipment for the following technological tasks of forging and punching production will be showcased:
• Sheet punching of metal (hot and cold);
• Die forging (hot and cold);
• Metal forging;
• Metal drawing;
• Extrusion and broaching;
• Cutting, blanking and stamping of metal.

press-forging plant: TYPES AND function

There are 5 groups of the press-forging plant depending on a technique and a method of impact on a processed material. You will find all these groups on stands of manufacturers in a relevant section of INNOPROM. METALWORKING exposition.


It is a type of the mechanical equipment that provides a physical deformation and a change of material due to its energy of shock impact. For this purpose, the kinetic energy arising in case of vertical falling of a hammer on a processed material is used. The pneumatic, steam-air or hydraulic power systems are often applied to increase its impact force.
Types of forging hammers:
• Pneumatic forging hammers;
• Electro-hydraulic forging hammers;
• Power-operated forging hammers;
• CNC(computer numerical control) hydraulic die forging hammers.
Forging and punching presses for metal are in a group of forging presses. Forging is a method of shock impact on metal details in a complex with high-temperature influence. Punching is a more widespread in mass and serial production metal working method, which consists in deformation of a metal blank by extrusion to a surface of the necessary form or a projection with necessary parameters and a standard size. Forging and punching presses for metal differ in a speed of impact on a blank — when punching speed is higher.
By the principle of impact the following categories are distinguished:
• Mechanical press;
• Hydraulic press.
By the executing tasks:
• Punching press for metal;
• Sheet metal punching press;
• Metal scrap baling press machine;
• Bending, deep drawing and flattening machines;
• Universal press for metal.
By the level of automation:
• Press for metal with mechanical system and manual loading;
• Forging and pressing machines and machine systems of semiautomatic type;
• CNC(computer numerical control) or a computer-driven control system flexible press-forging plant.
3. Crank type Mechanisms AND PRESSes
The machine tool system with a crank and connecting-rod gear is a fundament of this technology. Eccentric type systems also belong to this category. High-performance rate, relatively low level of noise and a high quality of finished products are considered as an advantage of this type of presses.
As well as other types of press-forging plant, the function of a crank-type press includes forging, extrusion, punching, die forging and sheet punching, and differences of a process are caused by features of construction. This type of press functions due to the conversion of the kinetic energy of a rotary actuator to a forward movement of a slider. The twisting moment creates a power of a press which is transferred to the working tool, the stamp, putting pressure on the processed surface of a metal.
Processing characteristics, by which machines in this group are classified, include the following indicators: specialization, a dimension of a desktop, a size and a form of a space for a blank, power of a press, a pace of a press and quantity of paces per minute.
Types of crank-type presses:
• Horizontally forging press;
• Hot-forging press;
• Automatic cold up-setter;
• Striking press;
• Single, double and triple action press.
electromagnetic punch press
The technology of an electromagnetic (magneto-electric pulse) punching is built on a direct conversion of an electrical pulse to a mechanical energy. It sets in motion the mechanism of a press, which puts pressure on a metal blank and gives it a necessary form or a projection. A process of punching is distinguished by high speed — each pace of a press takes a split-second.
Types of electromagnetic punch presses:
• Pneumatic (air) presses;
• Vacuum presses;
• Hydraulic presses.


At large enterprises a process of metal forging is executed by a conveyor of a rotary or roller type. This class of the press-forging plant is characterized by a high-performance rate and a zero waste processing of blanks.

In this group the following categories are distinguished:
• Swaging machines;
• Rotary squeezing machines.
Processing of metal blanks is made by a squeezing method of rotating working tools — rolls, swaging and bending rolls headpieces or a roller press. Often blanks for shaped tubes and other serial products, which are produced commercially, are processed on rotary presses.
A wide range of press-forging equipment of different types, accessories and accompanying goods from Russian and foreign manufacturers will be presented on July 8 — 11 at the international exhibition in IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO. Visitors will be able to consult with experts, to compare technical features, to see machines in operation and to select optimal technical solutions for the production tasks.

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If you want to present your equipment, please, send to the organizers a form for participation in the exhibition.