Welding machines and consumables


The exhibition will become a place for a presentation of new technologies, official and informal meetings of experts, discussion of trends and problems of development of industrial sector. At the exhibition there will be showcased machines for different types of operations on metal, including smith forging, forming, hot and cold punching of sheet metal.

Nowadays, machines for welding of metals are used in different fields of industry — from construction and repair work to hi-tech equipment engineering and aerospace industry. Experts use about 100 varieties of welding technologies, which differ in physical, technical and thermal indicators. The best way to find out about the diversity of technologies and the equipment is to visit welding industry exhibitions, which are regularly held in Russia.

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The separate section of INNOPROM. METALWORKING exposition of the INNOPROM-2020 exhibition is devoted to the welding equipment and consumables for electric resistance, argon arc and other types of metals’ welding. Visitors will be able to see welding machines of different manufacturers in operation, compare their technical features and select equipment and consumables for specific tasks.

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If you wonder how to select the welding machine in the relevant thematic section, you will not only find a wide range of products for welding, but you will also have an opportunity to consult with branch specialists.


• Transformers, generators, converters for shielded metal arc welding;
• Robotic welding machines;
• Inverter welding machines;
• Compact and industrial semiautomatic and automatic welding machines;
• Spot welding machines;
• Plasma arc welding machines;
• Electric resistance and diffusion welding machines;
• Gas metal arc (argon arc) welding machines;
• Electroslag welding machines and other.
Exhibition of metal working within the wide-scale industrial event INNOPROM provides an opportunity for manufacturers and customers of welding machines to learn about innovations and tendencies of the branch, to discuss problems and decisions to increase the efficiency of welding operations. Wholesale customers will be able to test samples of the leading Russian and international manufacturers and to get the most favourable conditions of shipping.
The quality of welding operations depends not only on the equipment, but also on the applied materials. On stands of manufacturers and distributors, you will be able to choose all necessary parts, accessories and consumables for welding.


  • Power sources for cutting, welding and cladding;
  • Welding wire (powder welding wire, copper welding wire);
  • Filler rods;
  • Welding electrodes;
  • Accessories for welding blowpipes;
  • Fluxes and solders;
  • Spray and gas;
  • Accessories for individual protection of a welder.

INNOPROM, the exhibition of industrial achievements and the latest technologies, is an important international platform for producers, consumers and scientific centres specializing in a development of equipment and machines for welding and metalworking. Leaders of the industrial equipment production market, heads of regions and line ministries, and also official foreign delegations will visit the exhibition to show innovations, to learn about problems and tendencies of the market and to conclude mutually beneficial business agreements.
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A visit to the welding section at INNOPROM. METALWORKING exhibition is allowed on the basis of the single electronic ticket for 3 or 4 days of the event. The Exhibition will be held on July 7-10 in Ekaterinburg at the IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO.